About me

Hi, my name’s James Harvey. Having grown up in the South East I’ve lived in Norwich for the last 20 or so years, post moving up here for University, seems like just yesterday.


In 2013 I cycled around the coast of Britain, covering nearly 5,500 miles in 3 months, whilst raising money for the Big C in memory of Lu Harvey, who passed away from cancer in Feb 2012. You can read about that Odyssey at www.bikearoundbritain.com

In 2015 I hit the road again, pedalling from the northernmost point of Europe, Nordkapp in Norway, down to its southernmost point, Tarifa in Spain, before continuing along the Mediterranean coast and down to Istanbul, then pedalling back along the Danube to the UK. That was a 6 month trip that covered about 10,500 miles, and which was a most excellent adventure.

Now it’s back to work as a Project Manager for Virgin Money, earning the pennies for my next adventure, whilst still getting away for shorter tours and micro-adventures. I’ll be keeping the blog going, on various topics from cycling, to other self propelled activities, and environmental news.

Life’s the adventure you make it, and I love the freedom cycle touring gives you, seeing new places and meeting new people at your own pace, preferrably all self propelled.


3 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Jørgen Nymark

    Dear James Harvey –
    I got your Card and emailadd. yesterday but although the right adr. is used i receive the mail returned.
    Please just send me a mail to answer in order to obtain the right in writing.
    Jørgen Nymark.



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