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5 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. David and Aileen Barry

    Hi James,
    We’ll be following you closely on your travels.
    What a gutsy ride… it will no doubt be life changing…kudos!!!
    God be with you!
    Love and hugs,
    Aileen and David


  2. Mikael

    Hello James ,
    Fache ……..Tu as fait du chemin depuis Laroque !
    On suit ton voyage avec beaucoup de plaisir …….on poursuit nos vacances avec toi
    Bonne route
    Mika ,Sabrina et les enfants

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  3. Diane Headley

    Huge congratulations on arriving in Istanbul, you have been on such an amazing adventure. Maybe your new career can be to go on cruises (QM2 of course) and give lectures about your travels. Safe journeying on your way home and hope you can be distinguished from all the poor refugees. Much love Diane

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