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Lu’s Birthday

It’s Lu’s birthday today, she is forever 39.

I prefer to celebrate her life on her birthday rather than the day she died, from cancer, on 26 Feb 2012. I hate cancer.

I spent the day looking through old photo albums and thought I’d share a few for friends and family. Had to take a photo of some of these on my phone as don’t have digital versions. Treasured memories. And by the way there’s really no order to these.

I so love the photo of Lu walking up a mountain in NZ, it exemplifies her undauntable spirit. We had the joy of travelling to some great places, something I won’t do these days as don’t fly anymore. Maybe I’ll pedal there again some day.

Okay, so if you don’t hear from a for a while, it’s because her sister (Dr Susan K Burton) has done me in for posting the wig picture. But, god, how beautiful is Lu in these, that smile, her soul that shines through.

When I think about Lu/Lucy/Beeb I’m sad, but also happy from all the memories, and great times. She was formidable. She got things done. She produced stuff. She cared. She was kind. She loved a cuddle. I would love to have her alongside me on activism stuff cos I think we’d have won by now.

These memories and Lu herself give me so much motivation to get on and try to make the world a better place, and conserve the wonders we have for future generations.

She reminds me to take nothing for granted, carpe diem.

Our wedding day was amazing. Surrounded by friends and family. It was everything we wanted with a great location, singing (thanks Chris B), camp fire, dancing, great food and speeches, but mostly just the surrounded by friends and family thing.

The memories and grief will always be there. Fire and Ice. The thoughts that I should have done more, the ‘I will fix you’ Cold Play song that goes round my head. I know we split, but we were together at the end, and I love her so much.

Susan, my sister, you look amazing in some of these. It intrigues me that you are also forever young, like Beeb 🙃

I really hope we create a cure for cancer soon, so we stop losing loved ones with so much potential.

After Lu died, I got out on the road, I cycled round the coast of Britain, I pedalled from Nordkapp to Tarifa, to Istanbul and back home. At some points I wouldn’t have made it without Lu’s voice in my head telling me to get on with it, telling me I could do it. Donate to the Big C if you can, they do good stuff – https://www.big-c.co.uk/

Love to Sheila, Norman, Susan, Mum and Dad, and all who knew Lu. She was/is the best.